Fall Activities

Inside activities : Children 2 and up 

Little farmers Land

             -variety of child tire swings, slides and corn table boxes.

Hobby Horse Run

            -Choose a selection of ponies and dinosaurs and gallop through the horseshoe shaped track

Hop a lot

            -These rubber hopper balls are fun for all ages, hop until your hearts content

Tractor Palooza

            -Choose your pedal tractor and make your way through twist and turns.

Graveyard diggers

            -Dig for treasure with the hand operated bucket diggers

Corn Hole

           -Adult and children appropriate 

Rockin Roller

           -Have fun in these 5’ round pipes racing, spinning from one end of the greenhouse to the other.

Gladiator Joust

                - step into the ring and do your best balancing act with our padded jousting sticks. First one to lose their balance is dethroned. 

Dirt King Trike track

                -These Trikes are built for 7 and up to adult. Dual wheels help king your balance as you pedal up and over speed bumps. Surely a laugh for the entire family. 

Sports Row


                ♦Shoot some hoops as you challenge your friend to the most baskets made in a row.


              ♦Take your best shot at the harvest View Change up baseball board


              ♦Be Quarter back for the day and practice your Hail Mary


Apple Cannons ($)

-          This activity is sure to get the kids juiced up. Kids, Grandparents, Moms and Dads are all sure to have a blast with our air powered Apple Cannons. You will havemultiple chances to aim at stationary and moving targets.

Charlies Crazy Corn Pit area    

-15 ton of corn, 30,000 lbs of fun  

Outside activities: for all ages

Giant Jumping Tractor Tire obstacle course

            -Challenge yourself on the Jumping tractor tire obstacle course

Harvest View Red Barn Wicked Whirler

            -Have a whirly good time spinning in the Red barn Wicked Whirler

Giant Pumpkin Slide

            -Gain some serious speed down the giant pipe slide. ( slide at your own risk) 

Climbing Hay Pyramid

            -Get your heart pumping with a climb to the top of over 10ft tall hay pyramid.

Syd’s Farm Friends

            -If you love animals make sure to stop into Syd’s farm friends and check out all the different animals in our animal barn.