Spring, Summer, Fall

Looking to increase you profits with a no hassle fundraiser.  Harvest View Greenhouses would love to be your fundraiser supplier.  In the Spring we offer our 10” hanging Sun and Shade Lovers Mixed basket.  Containing only premium vegetative material.  The Sun and Shade Lovers mixed basket contains premium vegetative material that is great for sunny and part sun locations. Vegetative plant material comes from virus free stock plants from suppliers around the world that are shipped in and we root these little plant cuttings ourselves. Color combinations and various plant varieties are all coordinated and  planted here. The Sun and Shade Lovers Mix is our number one seller offering a variety of Sun and Shade plants to accommodate most needs. Please contact us for further information or setup a fundraiser for your group.



The leaves are turning and the mornings are cooler, heavy dew rests on the flowers of our fall Mums.  This is a must fundraiser and it keeps getting bigger and bigger for us every year.  Fall mums, Halloween and family fun activities keep us all busy during this time of year.  Join us for your fall Mum fundraising needs.  Our 12” potted Flowering mums are hard to beat and they sell them selves!

  It’s a simple process,

  • Your groups sells,
  • We  pull a selection of colorful flowering mums to fulfill your fundraising orders.
  • We deliver,
  • Your customers pick them up.

It’s that easy and your profit potential can will be much greater than other fundraising options.  Please contact us for further information or to setup a future fundraiser.